Mining stands as a major contributor to Canada’s economy, particularly benefiting northern and remote communities. In these regions, it serves as the largest private-sector employer of Indigenous peoples and plays a substantial role in partnering with Indigenous businesses.

Proximity to Indigenous Communities

The proximity of approximately 1,200 Indigenous communities to mining operations creates a foundational basis for building relationships between the industry and Indigenous communities. Noteworthy aspects of the mining sector include:

  • Direct Employment: Employs 16,600 Indigenous workers directly (NRC).
  • Active Agreements: Holds over 500 active mining agreements with Indigenous communities (MAC).

The majority of Indigenous business procurement is derived from the natural resources sector. Examples include:

  • Cameco’s Procurement: Cameco, a uranium company operating in northern Saskatchewan and elsewhere, procured over $3 billion in services from northern and Aboriginal suppliers between 2004-16.
  • Suncor’s Procurement: Suncor, an energy company with operations in the Alberta oil sands, procured almost $5 billion in goods and services from Indigenous businesses between 1999-2018.

Comparatively, the entire federal government has spent only $3.3 billion on Aboriginal businesses since 1996.

Let’s Take Action!

Mining holds a vital role in Canada’s economy, sustaining numerous families across the nation. It is imperative to take decisive steps to solidify Canada’s position as a global mining leader, ensuring continued prosperity for all Canadians.

Canadian companies are at the forefront of sustainable and environmentally conscious mining practices, setting a global standard. Our commitment extends to respecting local workers and fostering enduring relationships with Indigenous communities, exemplifying world-class practices.

Supporting the Canadian mining sector remains crucial, as it empowers individuals to provide for their families through employment in this value-adding industry. Let us take pride in Canada’s global standing and the technological innovations it spearheads for the betterment of our planet.

As Canadians, we should celebrate our natural resources and applaud initiatives that enhance our renowned quality of life. Are you with us in this endeavor?

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